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Kajukenbo K.S.D.I. is arrived in Germany ;-)

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Kajukenbo K.S.D.I. is arrived in Germany ;-)

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Aloha Bros & Sis worldwide!

Now the Kajukenbo Emperado Hard-Style Method is arrived in Germany.
We build up an organisation for the original Method and hope we get the acceptance from all Kajukenbo Masters, Teachers, Students and Members worldwide.
We stay in the line of SGM Garc?a and know, that there are some differences!
For us, he is our Grandmaster and Teacher and a wonderful person, who helps us in every moment and stay beside us to grow up with our organisation. So we will never speak a bad word about him...and we don't want to stay between the involved parties of these infighting.

We accept all and would like the acceptance of all, that is our wish!

Here is the official webpage for:

Mahalo nui loa

Michael  :D

Jason Goldsmith:
Have you been in touch with the large German Wun Hop Kuen Do group?  They have over 30 schools in the area, if I remember my numbers correctly.

Aloha Sifu Goldsmith,

yes I stay in touch with some of them and they are all very friendly and very interested in that, what and how we do.  :D I hope we can do something together in the future, when we are big enough with our organisation! Till now we had only WHKD-schools in Germany, that is correct. Sijo Al lived over years in Hamburg, so there are many gyms around that area. It would be nice, if we stay together and learn a bit from each other!  :)

Warm regards


Ghost Rider:
Sijo Al ????
there is only 1 Sijo in Kajukenbo, so I assume that you meant Grandmaster Al

Yes in Kajukenbo he is a Grandmaster that is right, but I thought he is Sijo in WHKD!
Sorry for the incorrect title!  ;)



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