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2012 Kajukenbo Family Tree

Author Topic: 2012 Kajukenbo Family Tree  (Read 3975 times)

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2012 Kajukenbo Family Tree
« on: April 28, 2012, 03:48:56 AM »
Well it's Kajukenbo Family Tree name collection time.

If you are a Legit Kajukenbo Black Belt and you have students you have promoted to Black Belt that you would like to see represented on the Kajukenbo Family Tree, please submit them to me as soon as possible.

You cannot submit your own name but you can request your teacher to do it.

NB: If you submit a name and it is accepted you cannot then, later, turn around and ask them to be removed. If you are worried about some one's characture, act now. You might not have to recognize them in your school, but they would continue to be represented on the Family Tree.

I am on facebook under my name Philip Gelinas, you can email me at (not .com), or you cam PM me here on the Cafe.

Thank you.

GM Philip Gelinas
Kajukenbo Family Tree Coordinator
Philip Gelinas
Training MA (since 1967)
Kajukenbo, Emperado & Chuan Fa Methods, (Since 1971)
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