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Professor Patrice Lim

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Professor Patrice Lim
« on: August 16, 2010, 11:09:40 PM »

Professor Patrice J. Lim

Born in Rockford, Illinois in 1958. Has 3 brothers & 1 sister. Raised by Tom & Mary Lou Clift in Vista, California. Together, as a team, directs & operates, with her teacher & husband, GM George Lim, Lim's Martial Arts International LLC, Lim's Hawaii Kenpo, Lim Kenpo Karate LLC.

Started her training in Hawaii Kenpo in 1983 under GM George Lim.
Promoted to black belt in 1991 by "Chief" Al Tejero, CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Brotherhood Club of Hawaii, San Diego chapter & GM Julian Generalao.

Promoted to black belt in 1993 by Grandmaster George Lim

Her senior rank promotions 5th through 7th came directly from Sijo Adriano Emperado & Grandmaster Xizu Allen Abad.

8th degree Professor promotion came from GM George Lim in 2008.
Professor Patrice Lim is the one and only successor to Lim's Martial Arts International, LLC'

18 schools
Arizona 8
Portugal 4
South Dakota 3
Austria 1
Wyoming 1
Sweden 1

Sigung's 6th-7th degree rank    3
Sifu's 3rd-5th degree rank    21
59 First generation black belts
67 Second & third generation black belts

Presently continues her training under GM George Lim.
Training under Dai Shihan, Soke, "Uncle Ted" Tabura in Kobudo Katana weaponry.
Practicing Tradtional Chinese Medicine healing arts under Great Grandmaster Vince Black.
Advisement & consultation by Olohe "Papa Sol" Kaihewalu

Loves her Ohana. 4 grand keikis, 2 baby Akita's Pono & Maile.

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Re: Professor Patrice Lim
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2010, 11:39:09 AM »
Fond & Loving Memories Patrice.
Sijo among other Legends at GM Max Togisala's home in Henderson Nevada in 2000.
We are truly blessed.
George Lim
LIM Karate LFMA Lim Family Martial Arts
Grandmaster. Hawaii Kenpo, Kajukenbo