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WHKD Continuous Education 2005

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WHKD Continuous Education 2005
« on: June 09, 2005, 09:16:49 AM »
Here is the information for this year:


HERE IS THE SCHEDULE AND ITINERARY:  Cost pre-registered $200.00 for the WHKD
20 hours Continuous Program paid to "Wun Hop Kuen Do Intern'l" 84-754 Ala
Makihu St. #47-B; Waianae, Hawaii 96792, on or before October 1, 2005,
Postmarked.  $250.00 after October 1, 2005.  Certification after completion.  Your
flight and hotel arrangements are on your own.  However, we can help you get the
best rates and place to stay.  At the moment, we are looking at the same
location as where we where in 2003, The Pacific Beach Hotel.  We will get back to you
on this in about a week, unless you can come up with something good and
better for all of us.  The rate for the Hotel on Kauai is listed at the bottom of
this information.  Great plan would be to plan arrival in Honolulu in the
morning of Oct.13, Thursday; hotel until Oct. 20, fly out on Oct 21 to Kauai on one
of the local airlines, Aloha or Hawaiian Airline or the cheaper prop jobs
that I personal like, check into hotel on Kauai until Oct 24, depart on Oct. 25th
for home.

Oct. 13, Thurs.  Arrival and placement into housing or motel-hotel, get
Group dinner together and "Getting to know you Evening" in Waikiki. Final
registration for the 20-hour program
Oct. 14, Friday. First training day begin.  7am to 11 am  (4 hours)
Oct. 15, Sat. Second training day begin 7am to 11 am (4 hours) Total 8
Oct.16, Sun.WHKD Black Belt testing begins @ 12 noon to 5Pm
Oct.17, Mon. Third training day begin 7am to 11am; 6:30pm-8:30pm Total 14
Oct.18, Tues. fourth training day begins 7am to 11am Total 18 hours
Oct.19, Wed. fifth training day 6:30pm-8:30pm Total 20 hours
Oct. 20, Thurs.  Time off. Party time and socializing with other martial
Oct. 21 Fri. Fly to the Island of Kauai early morning and check into hotel,
             Meeting in the evening for Kajukenbo and tournament activities
Oct. 22, Sat. Tournament
Oct. 23 Sun. Touring, sightseeing, and Pot luck
Oct. 24. Mon. WHKD activities and goodbye gathering
Oct. 25, Tues. Depart for home via Honolulu

The tournament is on the Island of Kauai and is called the “2005 Aloha
Martial Arts Expo” October 22, 2005, Saturday.  Tournament starts at 10:am  Sharp!!!
Open invitation  Kenpo karate tournament and Kali competition
Registration at the door: 7:30am
Open ceremony time: 8:30am
Martial Arts Demonstration: 9:15am to 9:45am
Tournament starts at: 10am to 5pm

Tournament Host: Grandmaster Rick Alemany;  “Alemany Karate School” 1 (808)
696-4949, Grandmaster Al Dacascos; “Wun Hop Kuen Do Hawaii” 1 (808) 695-9290,
Grandmaster Ed Louis, “Leeward Kenpo Karate School” 1 (808) 455-4486, and
Grandmaster Al Dela Cruz, “Kajukenbo Ch’uan-Fa Kung fu School” 1 (808) 255-8892

Location of tournament is: Kauai Veteran’s center; 3215 Kapule Hwy. Suit #1;
Lihue, Kauai  Phone: 1 (808) 246-1135  Contact: Terry for directions.  Or
outside of Airport, intersection take a left.  The Kauai Veteran Center is going
to be on the right hand side.

Meeting: October 21, 2005 Friday
Location: T.B.A.
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm for staff and Black Belts,…Volunteer time and score
keepers meeting.
8:30pm to 9pm.  Meeting of all Grandmasters and instructors in Kajukenbo for
very important meeting on the future of Kajukenbo.

Tournament fee: $25.00 at the door
Spectator fee: $3.00 at the door

Itinerary for Hotel:
October 21-24 2005 Friday-Monday
Aloha Beach Resort
2-5920 Kuhio Highway
Kapa’a, Kauai, Hawaii 96746

Contact person:
Nicolle Owings- (Sales Coordinator)
Direct- 1 (808) 823-1626
Toll free: 1-888-823-5111
Tel:  1 (808) 823-6000 ext: 626
Fax: 1 (808) 823-0500

Hotel Room Price:
DBL………..$87 Plus tax………$9.94…….($96.94 per night)
TPL………   $97   “     “
QUAD…….$107   “     “

We blocked between 50 to 70 rooms for this event , so please make your hotel
reservation before September 2005.  It is important that you give them the

or (808) 695-9290
84-754 Ala Mahiku St. #47-B
Waianae, Hawaii 96792

Sifu Jeffrey D. Cirillo,  7th Degree Black belt in Wun Hop Kuen Do under GM Al Dacascos and 3rd Degree in FaChuan (Blossom Fist) under Sifu Bill Owens with over 35 years experience in the martial arts.
College Station, TX