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Isaguirre's Martial Arts Grand opening - What a SUCCESS!!

Author Topic: Isaguirre's Martial Arts Grand opening - What a SUCCESS!!  (Read 1273 times)

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Great way to launch a great ship.  We had the Captain, the Colonel and an Admiral there, if you know what I mean.  ;D It was a privilege to be a part of the demo, take my licks (and give a few), and be in the company of GM DeChi and Sigung RodRod Alo It was fun to hear Auntie DeChi talk about how she used to whoop on Sigung when he was a kid because, even then, he was a BADASS!!!  8) It was awesome to hear her talk about Kajukenbo, some lineage of Sigung and Professor Alan Abad.  Sigung always has fun stories too.  I'll never turn down an opportunity to be a dummy-man for you or Sigung RodRod - no matter how much bruising I get, it's an honor.  Sifu Ronnie, thanks for the opportunity to send off your new school in a great way!  I'm glad we had such a good turn-out and I'm sure the dojo will be a hit!

What a great way to spend your birthday - Happy Birthday, Sifu. ;)

Humbly yours,

Matt Porter
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