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Lines of Physical Defense

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Lines of Physical Defense
« on: April 21, 2006, 11:50:22 AM »
Posted this somewhere else, thought I would share...

1. First physical line of defense is to use something that is NOT timing based (or rather something that does not depend as much on timing to work). This means, parries (e.g. something like slap blocks), getting off the line of attack (e.g. using angles, footwork, body shifting, distance), protecting vitals (e.g. covering with a shield or fence), some forms of clinching and grappling (the entries or beginning parts), counter grabs (grabbing/trapping the part of the body that is grabbing you).

2. Secondary physical line of defense is to use something that is more dependent on timing (or rather something that can be an attack as well as a defense). This means striking (e.g. limb destructions, attacking the limbs), counters and escapes to grabs, clinching and grappling (actually using clinching and grappling to control opponent), trapping, jabs, stop kicks.

3. Third physical line of defense is to use something that disregards defense... e.g. committed attack. Hit them before they get you or get them even if they get you too. Constant attack to overwhelm opponent, charging, rapid punching, etc.

For example, karate basic blocks don't all fall into the first line of physical defense. Really only the rising block, inward, and downward smother blocks can fall into this category. Outward block, downward circular block, etc. all fall into the second line of defense. In order to use a second line of physical defense, you first should parry block, get off the line of attack, or something from the first line of physical defense.

You can use a second line of physical defense without the first line IF YOU TIME IT RIGHT. This is very difficult to do UNLESS YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS COMING.
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