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WHKD Continuous Education 2004

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WHKD Continuous Education 2004
« on: August 26, 2004, 08:39:20 AM »
Here are the details everyone wanted on the WHKD Continuous Education Training this year (2004).  This training is specifically geared toward martial artists in Wun Hop Kuen Do, but is open to anyone that wants to learn Wun Hop Kuen Do (it might be important that they have significant previous experience, since these classes are not basic sessions).  The sessions are always a great experience.

If you decide to go, I suggest you contact Sihing Jay at the phone number below, so they know how many people will be going.

(The following is an edited text (edited by me) from an email from Sifu Al Dacascos)

  1..    What are the exact dates of your seminar?

September 20 to 24 Monday to Friday.  

 2..    Is it for black belts only or can advanced sash students attend?
Open to all WHKD Students (and other martial artists with an interest in WHKD, particularly experienced Kajukenbo practitioners).

3..    Where is it going to be held at?
Because we anticipate 15-20 individuals, it will be held at Jay Shaffer's
House.  He has a large garage space where mat could be put out to use.  The address is 1641 NE 127th. Portland, OR, 97230 Tel: # (503) 261-1631

4..    How much is it going to cost?
$100.00 to be paid on the first day of the seminars.

5..    What time each day will it start and end?
5:PM tp 9:30pm

6..    If we needed to make hotel arrangements, do you have a recommendation
or know of one that is close to your location?
If you can, make it on the east side of town.  Jay lives 5 minutes away from the Airport.

Also, please make plans for the Banquet with "The Gathering" that will be
held at the Double Tree Hotel Lloyd Center, downtown.  Call Marc Burnham and be
sitted with us on our table for Saturday evening at 7:PM. The Banquet is $60.00
for the Dinner-dance and presentations.
Marc's telephone number is (503) 722-4021.  Some of the guys are staying at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel ((503) 281-611).  If you do, mention Martial Arts Collective Society.

We all hope to see you there!!!
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