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"In Search of Kenpo" by James M. Mitose

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"In Search of Kenpo" by James M. Mitose
« on: April 02, 2003, 05:38:56 PM »
** I've been asked about this book and found it on the
   net with these two reviews. Comments?  Shihan Joe

the following review helpful:

 Martial Arts Fiction..., April 18, 2001
 Reviewer: M.C. Busman (see more about me) from Escondido  
Most of the stories in this little book are Japanese tales or fables which are pretty common. Mitose has crafted a few which supposedly star his ancestors, whom he referrs to as the Great-Great Grandmaster Mitose, and so on. Problem is, he seems to have forgotten that his art was passed down on his mother's side, which was not Mitose, but another name.

This book was written after Mitose was convicted of the murder of Frank Namimatsu, whom he ordered an impressionable student of his to kill after Namimatsu took steps to recover money Mitose had extorted from him. Mitose's later student Bruce Juchnik among others helped put this little story booklet together, and did a good job of telling the stories in what I take to be a repentant Mitose's own words.

This volume will probably be of great sentimental value to anyone directly related to Mitose's teachings, but of little or no practical value to the average Kenpo/Kempo practitioner. I could find no believable and useful historical information in this book.

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 for a person who want to learn Kosho-Ryu Kenpo, February 12, 2001
 Reviewer: Mary E Johnson from San Jose, CA USA  
For a person who wants to learn the basic fundamental of Karate Kenpo this is the book for you. From detailed pictures to paragraophs explaining each and every technique. Sadly it does not explain the history of Dr.James M. Mitose and how he was convicted on a bogus charge of maslaughter for wich his student committed.

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