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Requesting Kajukenbo School Information


Requesting Kajukenbo School Information

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Mitch Powell:
Kajukenbo has many flavors, so when requesting information about a school, it would help if you could provide the following:

1. Any previous Kajukenbo training you have received
2. Your teacher's name
3. How long you have been training
4. What lineage you are from-Reyes, Ramos, Gaylord,
    Halbuna, etc.
5. What you are interested in learning

Each teacher offers their own unique perspective on the art. Some teachers focus more on tournament fighting, others self defense. Some schools are hard style, some soft, and others mixed hard/soft. Knowing what lineage you come from can make a big difference in where we refer you.

Professor Mitch Powell

Prof. Powell - Great idea.

I originally came from a Chu'an Fa branch school and now train under an Emperado Method School.  I have also trained with people from various methods and branches of Kaj.  There can be a world of difference, especially for a beginner.

Anyways, just wanted to say geat idea.


Gints Klimanis:
Prof Powell,

It was good to meet you and Prof. Bautista at the
Cacoy Canete seminar in San Jose on May 15.

Although my club is not part of KSDI, the roots of Go Shin Jutsu Kenpo are Kajukenbo.

1.  I trained in parallel with no previous Kajukenbo training

2. My primary Kenpo teachers name is Master Richard Lewis in his Go Shin Jutsu Kenpo club.

3. I have been training in this club since 1991.  Here
is my additional training.

Organizational Training
1991 to present           GoShin Jutsu Kenpo, Professor Richard Lewis, Sunnyvale, CA
                        (I am an instructor, 3rd Degree Black belt)
1993,1999      Muay Thai, Nirmalya Bhomick's club,
                        Palo Alto & San Jose CA
1996-97              Pentjak Silat  (Vince Uttley, Richard Shuey, under Dr. Andre
1999- to 2001           Inayan Eskrima under Suro Mike Inay (passed away 00-09-27),
         mostly trained with Suro Jason Inay, San Jose, CA                    

Private Training
1994-96              Eclectic Martial Arts with teacher Vince Uttley
         (Muay Thai, Western Boxing, JKD, Eskrima)
Fall 1996      Muay Thai with partner JH
99-10-18 to 01-07-01   Hand & Knife practice with partner(s) SteveHarvey, LW
01-07-01 to 02-03-01   Eskrima training with senior Inayan student Steve Harvey
00-02-01 to 01-01-12   Filipino martial arts with Guro John Peterson
00-10-05 to 03-07-03   "Gints Fighting Club" fighter, mixed/weapons sparring
00-10-05 to present   "Gints Fighting Club" trainer, mixed/weapons

4. The Lineage of my Go Shin Jutsu Kenpo school,
starting with the root of Kajukenbo, is:

a. Adriano Emperado (KajuKenbo)
b. Marino Tiwanak (CHA3 Kenpo)
c. Sam Brown (Ken Ju Bo Ai)
d. Rich Lewis (Go Shin Jutsu Kenpo.  He is still Ken Ju Bo Ai, but his students are not)  His school is in Sunnyvale, CA.

5.  Kung-fu movies and school yard fist fights sparked my original interest.   I think it all started when I
used  a move from "Centipede" style from the "Five Deadly Venoms" on the basketball court in the 8th grade.

Master Rich Lewis teaches hard style with an emphasis on self-defense.  The club has never officially participated in a tournament although a large percentage of the students/instructors have done so on their own, largely before starting this training.

Tony Gross:

I had the honor to study Kajukenbo under Sam Allred and Gerald Chavez during 1973 and 1974 while I attended West Mesa High School.  I am glad to see their faces along with several other friends on Sam's web site.  

It has been a long jouney since, where I have used the lessons learned from the old Karate College of the Southwest in Albuquerque.

I am interested if there are any Kajukenbo schools in the Denver area where I currently reside.

Tony Gross
Littleton, Colorado

Hey Gints,

Do you happen to know Tino Ceberano (Goju Ryu)? He studied under "The Cat " Yamaguchi. I had the pleasure of training with him this weekend and he told me back in the old days he trained Kajukenbo under Marino Tiwanak. Seen your lineage and wondered if you guys were connected.


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