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Title: Kaju Grandmas
Post by: Chief Instructor on January 02, 2004, 08:30:10 PM
Thank you to all the martial arts grandmas out there. They all play a different role. Please take the time to tell their story or to thank them. If you're one of them, thank you. You have made a world of difference. -Andrew
Title: Re:Kaju Grandmas
Post by: Chief Instructor on January 02, 2004, 08:43:00 PM
Now here's a story about a special one who spent lots of hours watching our eldest son so that we could train. We would not be the instructors that we are today and have a couple of schools if it wasn't for her. It's too bad that she never met our newborn son while she was alive but I guess she is now looking down. The following is part of what I said at her recent funeral:
The late Fred Rogers once said, "Grandparents are both our past and our future. In some ways they are what has gone before, and in others they are what we will become." Forrest, Sheryl and I lived with Grandma Ruby for over five years and we built a very strong bond. Even though she is my wife’s grandmother, she treated me like a real grandson. When I had problems or was trying to figure out life’s great mysteries, she was a good person to talk to. The last time I saw Ruby I was on a business trip. We went out to a good barbeque outfit that had great blues music. We promised to take the rest of the family with us the next time. Well we'll still be going and I'll get back to that later. Grandma Ruby won't be there but the Ruby Spark will be. I can go on and on telling you what the Ruby Spark is but today I will focus on growth.
Ruby taught us about growth. Unlike most people who reach a certain age, Ruby never stopped growing. Yes, she knew where she was coming from but was always willing to challenge herself with other ideas. She was also one of the most devout Christians I ever knew. When I brought home the movie "The Last Temptation of Christ," she was just as excited as Sheryl and I was to watch it. We talked about the movie for hours.
Despite her deep religious convictions, she believed God gave us free will. I believe this attitude of hers came from her days working as a nurse in the emergency room. She told some funny stories as well as many tragic ones. The important thing about these stories is there was always an opportunity for growth. No matter where you look there was always a way to improve, to better oneself and to have a different outlook on life. It would be a great world if we all had a little of that Ruby Spark.
While we are there, the outfit (she always used that term instead of business, joint, shop, or store) with blues and barbeque will hopefully play my favorite Stevie Ray Vaughan song because I'll be sitting with Ruby's "Pride and Joy," Forrest Parker, Sheryl, Linda, and now- Little Walter Remington. May we all continue to grow. Blessed Be.
Title: Re:Kaju Grandmas
Post by: Jon Pack on January 03, 2004, 04:15:55 PM
My fathers parents named all of their 7 sons after boxers of the 30's era. 9 kids in their family all together. They were of modest means as Grandpa(Big Papaw) was a West Virginia natural gas driller with the reputation of working hard and playing hard. My parents now have 7 grandsons and two grandaughters, the youngest(my youngest of four boys) is named after my dad.

When the grandparents of our students show up for class or usually testing, I make it a point to let them know that there presence and support of the students is greatly appreciated. My tests are notoriously long, the last one for 12 or so students lasted 2 hours 45 minutes for intermediate ranking.  Those grandparents were looking at me like I was conducting a sermon that had gone on way too long! I have a group of Black Belts that crosstrain with me who helped out with this test and they said that my intermediate test was longer thatn some of their dan rank tests.

Enjoyed your sharing about Grandma Ruby!!!