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Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: guest1 on December 01, 2004, 03:43:26 PM
Noble System History

Noble - having or revealing a fine character.

The Noble System is not a replacement for Kajukembo, nor a complete style within itself, but merely an addition to the very comprehensive and strong Kajukembo style.  Kajukembo is and always will be the heart style for Sifu Patrick McDaniel.  Sifu McDaniel has studied  various martial arts ranging from Tae Kwon Do to Kempo.  He  started studying Kajukembo in 1974 and received his Black belt in 1977. He found himself with no instructor, no known contacts with any kajukenbo instuctors and no other way to grow; in 1990 he developed the Noble System.  The Noble System does not change the original Kajukembo but is a variation of techniques to help him and his instructors elevate the teaching skills needed for the mother art of Kajukembo.  Working with his students he was able to develop an instructing system.  Sifu James Cox was the first black belt promoted by Sifu McDaniel.  The two instructors worked on the Noble System for a number of years before being satisfied with the system.  There studies and experiences were evident well before the name was employed.  

The Noble System concentrates on the basic elements in a more advanced way.  Kajukembo has a strong emphasis on self-defense and the Noble System provides extensive training on focusing your strikes to vital points of the body.  In addition, they focus on the proper attitude, because self-defense relies not only on striking and moving, but the attitude of the person defending themselves.  Practitioners in the Kajukembo Noble System are taught to believe in themselves, their instructors, and the system.  

Sifu McDaniel says that after looking at the system, the instructors, and the students that were following the teachings, he decided to call his system "The Noble System."  

Sifu McDaniel has promoted Five (5) black belts under the Noble System and Sifu Cox has promoted thirty two (37) black belts.  

Realizing that people make mistakes, and we are all people, we must learn from our mistakes, build positives from negatives, and be the best we can.  Success in martial arts is not always measured by external accomplishments, but by internal accomplishments.  There may not be any new techniques in the martial arts, but there are new ways of developing these techniques
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Claudio on December 01, 2004, 07:59:46 PM
I'll try to answer these questions quickly. Mr Mcdaniel will have to answer some of these.


Professor George Jackson & Paul Jackson where his instructors (No relation). Blackbelts of GM Peralta.
GM Peralta Promoted him(Mcdaniel) up to 3rd and 5th degree. There was a 10 or 15 year  break before he could find  Kajukembo  again, when he found some one in his own lineage it was GM P.  Then there was another break but from my understanding has since been mended.

Mr. Mcdaniel will be logging on tonight to fill in more details.  

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: sigungjoe on December 01, 2004, 10:14:14 PM
Maybe I am misunderstanding what is being said here. But, from what I have gathered Mr. McDaniel took the material taught to him in Kajukembo, figured out a way of teaching it, then changed the name to the Noble system? Dont we all as Black Belts teach Kaju a little bit different from each other? Ive seen many of the instructors teach differently from each other and they are all very good at how they do it. How can someone teach a system that he has learned, teach the same material, then change the name? This doesnt make sense to me. Can someone set me straight on this?
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Sifu Sin Bin on December 01, 2004, 11:55:16 PM
It's really quite simple Joe. You start with a system and learn it, you then include the same techniques and philosophy and put your own spin on it so it is easier to understand for people who think like you do. You change the name. New system. Now is that so hard to understand? 8)
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 02, 2004, 07:06:31 AM
This is Sifu Pat Mcdaniel . Thank you for all your questions regarding the noble system. If you look at the patch on you will notice that it reads Kajukembo the noble system I did not change the name however I added the noble system to the title to let the system no where it was comming from. If there was no idea where it was coming from then you start to ask questions much like what is going on now. regarding the forms, I use the original forms. however what I have notice after meeting kajukenbo members the order and numbering or not in the same order and thats not just me that is the case with others as well. I do agree that many instructors have thier unique teaching styles but  I was not represented by anyone for many years and it was to my best entrest to develolp an organization and start representing my students as a part of large group in our own way. I was a six and sometimes seven day a week student and very dedicated I dont feell like I have to go into a lot of detail defeneding how I was promoted to black belt but I will say when became associated with GM peralata. he had no Questions that I was a good student in the kajukembo system and he took me to 3rd and 5th. my students are strong and I was a top 3 fightier and a top 2 kata competetor befor I retired from the tournament world. any more questions dont hesitate to ask I respect all the questions and concerns you have posted and would respectfully talk with anyone regarding kajukembo the noble system. thank you so much for showing enterest and concern about the noble system and giving me a chance to talk on behave of the noble system.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 02, 2004, 09:09:42 PM
Thank you for responding. Now to get to your questions.
Yes we do practice the knife and club tech we may not use them all but the basic techs. we will spend some time on. some of the old techs. It may have taken longer for me to get a hold of due to the disattachment from anyone that had that knowledge so I practice what I did know and developed more from form the basic format. The reason I use the M is in the 1970s when the Kajukembo system was presented to that is the way I was introduced to the system. So for many years I  knew nothing other than the M. It wasn't untill I met GM Peralata that I knew of the N.

Now I had to learn how to get my message across to my students, I wanted them to feel what I felt when I pradcticed this system and in doing so I made some not so good calls. Not having higher instuctor around to help me with some of the calls I made I had to develop my teaching style the hard way. In a way that was good and some of my most devoted students saw that I needed to make some of those changes and stuck by me as I revised the bad call. so that what I meant by that statement about positive and negetive. I had to make it known that Kajukembo was a real style to some of the other martial artis in that west texas area and that was hard to get thrue to some of those closed minds. I hope I ansewred you questions if you have any more you know what to do.

and agan thank you for your intrest and concern.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: JessieEscobedo on December 02, 2004, 10:32:16 PM
Hello Sigung Daniels,
   Need some clarification, this is the last tree that I had when I pose the question to GM Peralta back in the early 90's pertaining to his KAJUKEMBO tree.  I am not trying to stir up any trouble. I am just a big historian on the martial arts systems that I teach.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 03, 2004, 06:53:53 AM
Hello again, For mr. Escobedo was not a original student of GM Peralata's. He picked me up and took me under his wing in 1985.  My Black promotion was not GM Peralata however when he pisked me up he gave me endorced my degree, and promoted me to 3rd and then to 5th. but you know that you and me wroked out together under GM Peralata in the 90's.
don.t you remember? Now, I appreciate you not trying to start any trouble, So what are you really trying to say? I teach 10 of the short forms that are that I think may be considered original pinans, I teach 4 I-patterns, 2 solidifide forms, and then one Gung-fu form. As far as knives I teach 5 that come from the kajukembo system and the rest are my develpment same for clubs. I teach 10 fundemental defense drills, 10 counters, 14 advance counters (Grab arts), 14 tricks, 7 funadamental walk the body drills, 1 advance walk the body drill with 100 stricks. And more tech, that would fall under the noble tech. Thank you again for your questions.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Tachi on December 03, 2004, 07:55:48 AM
Hello everibody, sorry, only one question. the surname of Richard, is "PERALTA", Is a Spanish surname, and the  original method is "KAJUKENBO", is a Sijo´s name System, Thanks, ans sorry for my english.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: JessieEscobedo on December 03, 2004, 09:49:24 AM
    Yes, I do remember.  I'm just want to update my KAJUKENBO tree that I keep.  But he did not mention Mr. George Jackson as his student.  

Thank you,
Jessie Escobedo
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 03, 2004, 10:01:49 AM
Ok to my undrstanding Mr. Jackson was a student under Mr. Peralata before naholewe ( I know thats not spelled right but I think you know who I mean.)
When GM peralata and I first met in 1982, he told me that Mr. Jackson was his student.   Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Claudio on December 03, 2004, 10:20:37 AM
My understanding also is that George Jackson was actually a student of GM Nahoolewa.

Sifu Cedric Pickett and Mr. Mcdaniel were promoted to black belt on the same day by George Jackson/ Paul jackson. (Both Military)

The Kajukembo or Kajukenbo, "n" or "m" situation. had nothing to do with Mcdaniel. That was a Nahoolewa/Peralta deal, you would have to bring that up with them.

Sifu Escobedo, Augustin Lopez (7th degree)is also under Mr. Peralta and is not on your. He came under him sometime in the early to mid 90's

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: JessieEscobedo on December 03, 2004, 11:04:22 AM
Hello Sifu,
   Thanks, that was my old tree.  Sigung Lopez stayed with me for over 4 years (while on vacation) while I trained him the way Peralta was teaching and he taught me what he knew.  Great Exchange, which Sigung Lopez was under GM Garcia.  MY MIND IS SO OVER LOADED WITH TECHNIQUES... HELPPPP  ;D
With GM Garcia's techniques, AWSOME, I NEED A MEMORY UPGRADE AND BIOS UPGRADE.  ;D  Going to download all my kung-fu forms, chin-na, Kenpo, Kempo, and weapons to a new hard drive... KAJUKENBO FOREVER.

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Claudio on December 03, 2004, 06:51:18 PM
 ;DWow 4 yrs of training with Sigung Lopez.  thats a lot of information being shared. I remember now he was under GM Garcia. I see why your head hurts between the two of them. Thats more information than any one person should be expected to internalize. :P
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 04, 2004, 05:18:47 AM
Paul Jackson Not George Promoted Pat  McDaniel to black belt. George Jackson was over the west Texas system up to the orange belt promotion. Just wanted to clear that up.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Israel Gonzales on December 04, 2004, 11:39:10 PM
Mr. McDaniel,
Most of us know who George Jackson is and his lineage. For those who don't, he was definately a student of GM Peralta at one time, but black belted under GM Don Nahoolewa (same lineage, Different military base).

To help some of us understand the base of your Noble System, which lineage did Paul Jackson come from?
I am a black belt from GM Peralta and I have never heard him mentioned by Peralta.

Israel Gonzales.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Kaj_minn on December 05, 2004, 03:09:45 PM
Great subject  :)  I see that most of the people in here that has been writing is from Texas and is suppose to be coming off the same branch.  Your telling me that you guys all don't each other  ???   Seems like you should have crossed each others path at one time or another if you come from one of the two houses out there.  I mean I came from Northern Calif and I knew who was who on the west coast.

Seems like something more is going on  :-\  Just my opinion.....

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Israel Gonzales on December 05, 2004, 04:01:10 PM
Peralta, Nahoolewa and George Jackson traveled the world on while military duty and are responsible for alot of the branches in other parts of the world.
GM Peralta and GM Nahoolewa retired from the Air Force in Texas around 1971.
This branch is very wide and many teachers' teachers were from taught by these men.
Mr. McDaniel is somewhere on the east coast but some of his students are from Texas. (we know each other).
This forum is a great way to get to know our cousins that may be somewhere else. Paul Jackson is the only one we have never heard of.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Claudio on December 05, 2004, 04:28:22 PM
I think Gm Nahoolewa retired for quit a while and people wen't on different paths and under different people to keep training and progressing. I think GM Peralta, even retired for a (short) time. anyway :P

Abilene TX is in the middle of no where. very small town and I'll bet back then very isolated. 2hrs from Ft. Worth, 4hrs from San Antonio and I think 2 or 3hrs from Lubbock.  

Unlike California, when I was coming up as far as I knew there where only 3 kajukembo/Kajukenbo schools in Texas. After training in Abilene with my instructor (Sifu Cox) Mr. Mcdaniel moved to Dallas and opened a school there. Thats when we actually started making  trips there. around 1993 . I met GM. Peralta for the first time at the Big D. Nationals tournament (I think in 1995/96)

There was no communication at one time. Thats my opinion. ??? intentional or unintentional everyone lost touch.

I've never met Sifu Gonzalez but I've known of him for quit a while as well as many other Black Belts
GM Peraltas. I don't think thats the issue. Mr. Mcdaniel will have to fill in more concerning Jackson.

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: John Bishop on December 05, 2004, 05:07:18 PM
Mr. Mcdaniel will have to fill in more concerning Jackson.


I'm now curious about "Paul Jackson".  I don't see him on the "2004 Family Tree", but there's way too many names on it to check them all.  
I just didn't see his name anywhere under the Reyes family.  
What's his lineage? If he's not on the tree somewhere, he needs to be added to it for the sake of his students.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 06, 2004, 12:05:48 AM
Hello again, Let me break it down like this. In 1973 G. Jackson started a program in Abilene TX. by way of Dyess air force base. Him and some of his asst. would come down town and teach Kajukembo to the children at the rec. centers. By the end of the summer of 73, G.Jackson no longer made the trips to the centers. By 1974, P. Jackson started teaching Kajukembo at the rec where I attened classes. At this time P.Jackson was one of four black belts that taught in the area. Paul Jackson Woodson rec. center, Steve Kent Cisco Tx. (50 mi from Abilene) Lupe Gonzales. Sears park rec. and Jerry Jordon YMCA. All of these guys came from the same program that G. Jackson started and you dont see there names on the tree. I dont think we where left with any infomation that would keep us intouch with anyone in the Kajukenbo system so know one knew we where there or knew that Kajukembo was being taught in west Texas after all the air force guys left. P.Jackson stayed around for two more after he got out of the air force.
All he left me with is what I knew and that was nothing about anyone on the West coast or anywher else for that fact. I meet GM. Peralata by luck at a Dallas tournament.
and if it wasnt for meeting him I would not have been on the tree myself. P. Jackson has been hard to find I have  tride for many years but to no avail. So now that we have opened that file if anyone out there can help with locating Paul Jackson let me know please. Just to put point on what I just answered as far as I know we where all under G.Jackson so that would be the line. Thank you so much for you questions and concerns.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Dean Goldade on December 06, 2004, 07:39:21 AM
Abilene TX is in the middle of no where. very small town and I'll bet back then very isolated. 2hrs from Ft. Worth, 4hrs from San Antonio and I think 2 or 3hrs from Lubbock.  

I have to agree with you on Abilene being a little isolated. I have lived in Texas now for 10 years, I came from the West Coast.. I went thru Abilene only 1 time on the way to Denver for the WEKAF national stick fighting championships... You are a pretty good stretch from the Kajukenbo schools in Texas I am familiar with.

I have met most of the Texas ohana, but have not had the pleasure of getting together with the Noble system brothers and sisters yet.

I am in Georgetown, near Austin. Most of the Austin ohana can be traced back thru Professor Dann Baker and Tony Lassit.

Do you know Sigung Craig Spears? I believe he is now under G.M. Nahoolewa. We have spent some time training together. He is a good man.

You can trace my lineage up through Sigung Brian Yoshii, Through G.M. Gaylord back to Sijo. We have a few Gaylord method schools in Texas, but besides my group most of them are down by the coast near Mercedes & McAllen. Sifu Wong is in Houston, and there are a couple of schools in San Antonio.

I know of Sifu Cox, and I am pretty sure he knows who I am, but we have yet to meet.

I would like to give an open invitation to all of your crew to come on over to Georgetown and we can all share some stories, some training, and maybe put some meat on the grill and get to know each other.

Better yet, let's make it a Texas gathering..

When your schedule normalizes, we should set a time for a Texas Kaju Que and training. Austin is pretty much in the middle of the state, so we can do it there..

We have some pretty good parks in Georgetown, and we could fire up the grill, and all get to know each other better.

Anybody up for it??

Kajukenbo forever


Kajukenbo Forever


Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Dean Goldade on December 06, 2004, 07:48:54 AM
I just re-read my last post...

Just to be clear..

Texas Ohana gathering would be for all Texas schools and all other Kajukenbo family members that want to make the trip from anywhere...

If your Kajukenbo, your invited  :-)

Kajukenbo Forever

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 06, 2004, 07:57:23 AM
Thank you so much for clearling that up. I am from texas but now live and teach in NC. so if by chance that kaju-que takes place while im visiting home its good know that I am welcome to come.

and I agree about mr. spears he is a good man.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Claudio on December 06, 2004, 10:53:44 AM
Sifu Goldade

I've never met Sigung Spears as far as I know. I see Mr. Mcdaniels knows who is though.  I've heard of you also; ' I've done some research over the past few years'

I'm going to be coming home as it were for about two months. I'm changing jobs and the military is sending me to School in San Antonio for 2 months starting in February. I think I can make it at least once on a weekend and train with you if thats alright with you.

A Texas get together sounds great. The guys/gals in Abilene for the most part only get to read about all of you. They would love it. ;D
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: js5150 on December 06, 2004, 11:54:45 AM
Sifu Dino,

It's just down the road for us that are up in Missouri City and we can get a lift from Shodanson.   ;)  Remember this we only got a 3 month window to play in.

Ride a train huh Claude.   ;D  Cause we know it's not the Mat.....

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Spidey on December 06, 2004, 11:55:14 AM
I have not been on the cafe in a minute and just seen this thread about the Noble System. I'm a 4th under Prof. Morales (Gaylord Method) and have been living in NC for the last couple of years. I do know Mr. McDaniel but have only had the pleasure of talking to him on the phone. Pat, unless you changed your name to Kimberly, I dont have your new number, LOL. If you get the chance email me or give me a call, I would love to get together with you before I head back to Cali next summer.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Dean Goldade on December 06, 2004, 12:02:50 PM
Sifu Kai,
I can get Sigung John no problem. If you can get Sigung Mockie out that would be way cool...

I wonder if we do enough asking maybe we could get Sigung Yoshii to show up.... He needs to come check on his grand kids anyway.. :-)

Let me know your schedule, and we can plan on it..

Good times for all..

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Dean Goldade on December 06, 2004, 05:12:45 PM
Good ole Yoshii's Kajukenbo... I loved that place.. Chi all over.. bangin all the time.. Before class, during class, after class...  KAJUKENBO!!!!

I've had my nose busted, my shoulder dislocated, my neck knocked out of place, and more than a few deja vu moments :-) We learned the value of being able to take a shot for sure.

Thank God for brother Bono.. He always popped us back into place.. And more than one trip to the E.R. to get somebody sewed up.

Did I say I loved that place   :)
I miss Sigung B.Y a bunch... I am gonna get him out here.

Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: GForbach on December 06, 2004, 07:34:18 PM
Howdy ya’ll....
All this talk of Texas, training and beef sounds great!  I got hungry and tired just going through the thread.  (Hey Sifu Kailee, I finally learned to start at the beginning of the post..yeah! - learned my lesson!!)  ;D
I enjoyed reading about Sifu McDaniel’s and his perseverance to remain loyal to his teachers and KAJUKENBO.
Sifu McDaniel’s, I am very impressed with your strong will of mind and body in sticking with your belief and vision for what KAJUKENBO meant and means to you.  That will to overcome the "KuKai" flying at you from all directions says allot on your behalf.  I'm happy we didn’t' lose you along the way to frustration and politics!  Good for you...
I remember back in the late '80's, SIJO was living with me in San Clemente and someone sent us a VHS tape of the Noble System explaining to SIJO the purpose and concept as to where and why it came about.  I remember SIJO was mostly impressed with the determination and strong belief in what they were doing with what support they had.  SIJO said, "At least their trying, and had the respect and courtesy to present the whole thing to him for review?!"  His comment after the video...."Heyyyyyy, Right On Bra!"  Creativity.  We offered for them to come to So. Cal. for training, but never happened.  The ting I remember most about the tape was "The TEXAS THUNDER" there was a big storm and as everyone lined up to pay respect to SIJO, this huge burst of thunder dropped everyone to the floor".  I still have the "Noble Tape".  I was impressed considering the circumstances.
Before I "duck and cover", I just have to put my humble 2 cents into the "M&N" issue.  I was present at the last meeting between SIJO, GM Aleju and others that were instrumental in the "M&N" thing.  I just hate to see everyone spending (I didn't say wasting) so much time over what to me anyway is a "non issue"
Bottom line as I witnessed it:  The "N's" wouldn't agree to what the "M's" wanted to do (but they were still "N's" at that time) SOOOO, Texas became the home and spawning place of the "M's" and un-fortunately didn't share too much history or info on the world of the "N's" and now we have allot of fantastic, loyal and hungry people of all rank discovering that "N" really does come before "M".
Simple enough?  One slip of the wrist and "M" can rightfully return "N" to its original location.....
Hey, whatever, as long as you train like mad men/women hit hard, love SIJO and like to eat.  The rest is small stuff!
Even though there's all this "Waha" about two letters making some difference, look at the support and acceptance you're receiving from all your fellow KAJUKENBO Texan’s (Hey Kailee 8) good one eh?)
In an article about 15-20 years ago for Black Belt, they asked me "If I had only one message to give to KAJUKENBO practitioners around the world, what would it be?"
My answer:   SHUT UP AND TRAIN>>>>>>
Is there anything better than training that can change or evolve us towards SIJOs goals and those of our teachers?
OK.....I'm outta here and going back to Cali Cali!  ;D
GM Forbach
K.S.D.I. Newport/Costa Mesa
K.S.D.I. San Clemente
P.S.  Just  a little gift of the heart for you all..."look really close"
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Spidey on December 06, 2004, 10:08:09 PM

Thanks for the love. Sigung Yoshii was my personal friend and Chief instructor at Golden Dragon's from the the time I started in 79' until he started his school in Santa Clara around 90' We use to bang it up pretty good back then to. He is the one that started calling me Spiderman (because of my daddy long legs) LOL.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Pat McDaniel on December 07, 2004, 02:54:20 AM
Hello again, wow!! Mr. Forbach thank you so much for those very supportive words. I can't explain in this small frame how much that ment to me. for a while I was beggening to think the concept of the system was no longer practiced.

When you have a good foundation and know how to build from it. That is just what I was put in position to. So again thank you very much, hope to here from you again.

Mr. Hayes, been wondering what happend to you. Would love to here from you again contact me.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: GForbach on December 08, 2004, 01:08:16 AM
Thanks Sifu Kailee,
Just practicing a little diplomacy.  I've learned to open my mind through SIJO regarding "creativity"... I agree with creativity, Not Changing the course of the river.  I've never seen too much need to change what my teacher taught me, but to trim and polish is to evolve.
I'm just straight KAJUKENBO, no Kukai to cloud my mind!
I'd love to have a "show and tell" session with all the branches and see how many people will be amazed with how straight, old fashioned KAJUKENBO will still prevail on the street against the "modified" versions with all the "baggage".
It's great to see the pride and passion you pocess for KAJUKENBO.  We stay so strong because of our warriors like you.

KAJUKENBO Forever...

GM gf
Title: Re: 1366: Noble System
Post by: C Drake on April 18, 2005, 02:39:47 AM
Hello all I am Cassidy Drake and until last year I had the priveledge of training at Abilene Kajukembo.  I never had the pleasure of Meating Sifu Mcdaniel of Sifu Lawson, although I have heard a lot about you.  Some people here know me through E-mails such as Sigung Bishop and Some of Professor Harpers students, Mark I believe.  Anyways I have a martial arts background in many styles, although I do not claim to be a expert in any.  I would like to say this though.

My training in Abilene was some of the best times of my life.  I was a broke airman in the Air Force with a baby on the way, and I had read up on kajukenbo on the net and through talking with some of my old instructors in Shotokan and Judo.  I had no money to pay for the training, so I took a chance and e-mailed Sifu Cox asking if I could clean his school in exchange for lessons.  To my suprise he let me do it.  I have never met a nicer person loving to teach the arts, he and his wife were always so nice to me, I usually took day classes due to my schedule from Sibak Johnny Robinson, who is easily the nicest man I have ever met in my life, a guy I hope to become by the time I am his age. 

With that being said I loved the training and brotherhood and I remember asking sifu about the "m" and the "n" I asked him what the difference was.  His reply" nothing really, we all like to train and learn.  That is all I needed I was tired of the political BS in the arts, and I can honestly say I didn't train that often.  I have reached balck belt levels in other arts, but I have no onclanation to go back to any.  I love Kajukenbo and the way that it is taught.  On numerous ocassions I would go into clean and Sifu Cox would tell me to put the stuff down and come train, he gave me private lessons numerous times.  A great, great man and he spoke nothing but good words for Mr.  Mcdaniels.  Which I can understand why, but that is not my story to tell.

Due to those reasons I run a MMA type club over here in Japan, however my true goal is to finish with Sifu Cox.  I guarantee none of you could ever meet a nicer guy, and someone who is so loved by his students.  He is a great practitioner and a asset to the art, no matter what sub section he comes out of.  Thanks for letting me share my time.

Much respect to all my elders in Kaju

Cassidy Drake
Title: Re: 1366: Noble System
Post by: Claudio on July 05, 2005, 10:31:12 PM
New information in the lineage of Mr. Mcdaniel and the Noble system.

I'll make sure I get this straight

Professor George Jackson started Kajukembo in Abilene TX.

Paul Jim Jackson (no relation) took over teaching Kajukembo in Abilene after George Jackson moved on

Paul Jackson was a Black Belt Under John Reeves (not sure of the spelling)

John Reeves is a  Black Belt under GM Don Nahoolewa

Lineage:                      Sijo
                         GM Aleju Reyes
 (1) GM Don Nahoolewa        (2) GM Richard Peralta   
       John Reeves                           |
    Paul 'Jim' Jackson                        |
              |(BB)                              |
     Patrick Mcdaniel <--------------------|  3rd & 5th degree

Mr Mcdaniel lost contact with all of his instructors and Mr. Peralta took him under his wing.
Title: Re:Noble System
Post by: Claudio on April 14, 2006, 04:47:22 PM
I had no idea you were there through all those years. that is outstanding sir.