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Posting at request GM Al Dacascos and Prof. Mike Sandos

Author Topic: Posting at request GM Al Dacascos and Prof. Mike Sandos  (Read 2015 times)

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Posting at request GM Al Dacascos and Prof. Mike Sandos
« on: April 10, 2013, 10:15:07 AM »
This is posted at the request of GM Al Dacascos for Prof. Mike Sandos.  Sorry about the quality of this, but I am having some trouble getting this up in a better form.  Please use the below link to access and read the message.

The image is still hard to read, so here is the actual text:

GM Clarence, and all of Kajukenbo,

Several months ago we sent out emails inviting people to attend our "Back To The Roots" event in October. We included your Memorial Seminar because it was our intention to encourage out of town visitors to support your event as well and be able to help everyone enjoy both events. Due to an oversight on my part, we included the wrong information for the location of the event. All I knew was where you had held it in 2010, so I apologize for stating the wrong location. My sincere intention was to help you by bringing in more people to attend both events.

Please accept my apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

I've heard you are thinking of expanding your schedule and would still like to work together if at all possible.
We are focused on our activities featuring the different branches but we do not have a tournament and are still not scheduling anything on the Saturday of your event because we really hope everyone can work together for Kajukenbo Ohana. I would like to personally apologize to all of Kajukenbo Ohana that this mistake may have caused confusion or misunderstanding too, we are all family and make mistakes from time to time but what is important is that we all work together in Kajukenbo Ohana.

Sincerely, Professor Mike Sandos                      Kajukenbo Forever KOA
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Re: Posting at request GM Al Dacascos and Prof. Mike Sandos
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2013, 07:45:17 PM »
The confusion on this issue is that this is the 4th annual Emperado memorial.
(Not the first)
It is the 1st back to the roots event by GM Al and the KOA
To have 2 events going on at the same time is not right.
How can you support one another when you are both having events at the same time?
Wouldn't it be better to support the Emperado memorial and then have the back to the roots on a different date so they can in turn support your event?
That's normally how it works.
I have spoken to Mike Sandos about this several times and also spoke to GM Delacruz about this last year in Hawaii.
I have also talked with GM Luna every month or so for the last several years.
There are two sides to every story and I have talked to both sides on this and all I can say is the stories don't match
If we are expected to trust one another we need to be honest with each other
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Re: Posting at request GM Al Dacascos and Prof. Mike Sandos
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2013, 01:39:08 AM »

It is known to most Hawaii Kajukenbo practitioners that GM Clarence Luna Emperado memorial event for Sijo is held on the first or second week in October.  This will be the 4th annual, so where is the confusion for another Kajukenbo organization having an event simultaneously?  GM Luna apprised me of the situation (awhile ago) and my advice was to continue his promise that he will honor his father with his yearly event.  Regardless of what event is being held on the same day, I will always attend Sijo’s.


Gerry Scott