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Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Hilo Hawaii

Author Topic: Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Hilo Hawaii  (Read 3547 times)

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Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Hilo Hawaii
« on: October 10, 2011, 04:55:00 PM »
I would like to wish Instructor Arnessa Ramos-Iranon sincere Congratulations on the success of her Dojo. It was truly a great Day for all Ahgung would be truly proud as we all were.

 You represented Tony Ramos Kajukenbo and the Ramos Method,the way the Ramos Method is supposed to be represented. And you followed the wishes of Ahgung that he had for his disciples.

 The Promotion held on October 1, 2011 was a great occasion. I would like to thank all that attended Instructor Chris Ramos and Simoe Leah Ramos-Amiccuci and of course all the sponsors and special guest. All were promoted to Yellow Belt.

LeeLynn   "Kaimi"   Lagat
Tracie   Yoshimoto   
Sally   Ancheta   
Carrie    Lapinig   
Jan    Nishioka   
Felina   Panem-Sakumoto
Kelci   Nishiki   
Dana   Dudoit   
Katrina   Emmanuel   
Bridget   Chinen   
Wendy   Matsuura   
Singy   Chartrand   
Pikaki   Wilson-Kealoha
Susan   Miyaji   
Faylynn   Laimana   
Roxanne   Rodriques   
Desiree   Aganus   
Korallisa   Wilson   
Minda   Barcelona   
Tess   Spencer   
Whitney   Ironon   
Jordan   Branco   
Cassidy   Hess   
Makayla   Hess   
Remi   Barcelona   
Angel   Hess   
Tatyanna   Dias-Reynon
Zachary   Kerr   
Aaron   Pacheco Jr.   
Cole   deSilva   
Starson   Cabral   
Brooke   Branco   
Keona   Matsui   
Jaden   Kapali   
Joseph P.   Reynon IV   
Jordan   Ancheta   
Alexia   Morton   
Ethan   Leite   
Mariah   Costa   
*Mason   Figueroa   

Much Love Sr. Proffesor
Grand Master David V. Amiccuci
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Re: Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Hilo Hawaii
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 09:49:33 PM »
Congrats to all of you. I really wish i could have been there to witness the event and I can wait to meet you all! Awesome job =D
Nael Numair
1st degree Black Belt/Black Sash
Tony Ramos Kajukenbo - Fairfield CA
Under Grand Master David Amiccuci

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Re: Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Hilo Hawaii
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2011, 11:02:16 PM »
A big congrats Arnessa to you an your students! Wishing you all much love and happiness.

Manuel "Mani" Esquivel 
Luis Manuel "Mani" Esquivel
Ramos Method