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Grandmaster Gerry Scott
« on: April 12, 2006, 02:15:45 PM »
Biography of Grandmaster Gerry Scott 

Gerry Scott was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in the Kalihi-Palama area.  At a very tender age, his stepfather introduced him the art of western boxing.  With his stepfather's continued guidance, he became of member of the Police Activity League Boxing Club.

During the late 50's thru the mid 60's Gerry attended afternoon Japanese language school at Palama Gakuen.  Masa Idemoto O' Sensei, a Shotokan instructor, approached Gerry and asked him if he was interested in Karate.  Gerry trained with Sensei Idemoto for seven years and received his Shodan (first-degree) black belt. 

In 1968, Gerry met Sifu Benjamin Dacascos and Sifu Dacascos' cousin, Sifu Roy Ebalaroza, accomplished martial artist in Chang San Fen Internal Boxing & Filipino Stick Fighting.  Through this relationship, Gerry began his training in the art of Kajukenbo and Chinese Kung Fu.  Gerry also studied the art of Tae Kwon Do, under the auspices of Master David Kim.

In June 1969, Gerry enlisted into the United States Marine Corps.  During his tour of duty, one of Gerry's assignments was a hand-to-hand combat instructor.  While in the Marine Corps, he met Master Chung Lee and continued his training in Tae Kwon Do.  Sifu Benjamin Dacascos and his family relocated to Denver, Colorado in 1972.  Prior to him leaving, Sifu Dacascos suggested that Gerry locate Alfred Dela Cruz if he desired to continue his training in Kajukenbo. 

He met Alfred Dela Cruz at a martial arts tournament.  Shortly thereafter, he began his training in the Kajukenbo Chu'an Fa System of Self Defense with Sifu Alfred Dela Cruz.  Gerry simultaneously continued his training in Tae Kwon Do from Master John Lee.

In 1973, Gerry began his law enforcement career with the Honolulu Police Department.  Throughout his career, he was assigned as a self-defense instructor, training officers in the techniques of gun retention and weapon defense.  He was one of fifty elite Honolulu Police officers assigned to the Tactical Operations Division for the 1984 Olympics.  This specialized unit was trained by the Honolulu Police Department in Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT).  Their training was tailored for any type of anti-terrorist situation that may occur at the Honolulu International Airport.  This unit also received training by the United States Secret Service along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in dignitary protection and hostage negotiation.  He has been in law enforcement for the past 34 years and retired as a Special Investigator with the State of Hawaii on June 30, 2005.  Gerry holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

During Gerry's martial arts career, Gerry has trained in various martial arts systems.  As in recognition and respect for his teachers, he has included their teaching into his curriculum.   
Gerry is currently training with Grandmaster Alfred Dela Cruz in the Kajukenbo Chu'an Fa branch. He wants to acknowledge the following martial arts practitioners for their contributions and influences in their teaching in the Scott Martial Arts, Kajukenbo Chu'an Fa curriculum:  Grandmasters Alfred Dela Cruz, Sixto Ramos, George Iversen, Jason Groff, John Pagdilao, Professors Ben Narciso, Tim Gagnier and Nick Striebich.   
In December 2002, Gerry Scott was promoted by Grandmaster Edmund Louis, Leeward Kenpo-Karate Association, to the rank of Associate Professor, 8th Degree, in the Kajukenbo Self Defense.  Sijo Adriano Emperado, Founder of the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute, Frank Ordonez Co-founder of Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute, and Grandmaster Alfred Dela Cruz, Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute Chu'an Fa Kung Fu School endorsed this promotion.

On January 30, 2008, Grandmaster John Pagdilao, promoted Gerry Scott to the title of Grandmaster 9th Degree with the God given rights and privileges to him under the Tsuyoi Bazuko Kenpo Karate Club of Hawaii and with the approval of the Hui O Na Koa Kulike Martial Arts of Hawaii. 

Co-founder "Uncle" Frank Ordonez bestowed the rank of Grandmaster 9th degree to Gerry Scott, to teach the oriental martial arts of Kajukenbo Kenpo-Karate and Chu'an Fa with rights and privileges on March 31, 2008.   
This event was witnessed by special quests, family members at Scott Martial Arts Academy School in Ewa Town, Oahu, Hawaii.  On June 1, 2008, Sijo Adriano Director Emperado, founder of the Kajukenbo System of Self Defense gave his blessing to Gerry's 9th degree Grandmaster promotion.
Gerry received a certificate of promotion from Sijo, Founder of the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute, Inc., dated June 15, 2008, promoting him to rank of Grandmaster 9th degree, in the Emperado Method of Kajukenbo.         

Gerry has been inducted into the Hawaii Martial Arts International Society Hall Fame as "Master of the Year" at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada on July 12, 2003.  On October 24, 2004, Gerry was inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council International Hall of Fame as "Master Instructor of the Year" at the Doubletree Hotel, Orlando, Florida.

Gerry is the Chief Instructor of the Scott Martial Arts Academy, which is located at the Ewa Community Church in historic Ewa Town, Hawaii.  He is a member of the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute, Leeward Kenpo-Karate Association, Hui O Na Koa Kulike Martial Arts of Hawaii, Tsuyoi Bazuko Kenpo Karate Club,  Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Black Belt Society, and Ordonez Kajukenbo Ohana.


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